Our Services

Specialist travel insurance brokers

The thinking behind IIS is quite simple: we offer a more user-friendly, transparent service to brokers, the travel trade, corporate clients and affinity groups looking for easily administered insurance policies at competitive rates

Our approach ensures that all rates, commissions and scheme performances are laid bare from the start.

Nothing is ambiguous, and we work with you as business partners on an ongoing basis, continually identifying business objectives, adding value and maximising your potential return.

We offer a range of “off the shelf” travel insurance products but are equally interested in tailoring products to clients’ specific needs. So whether it’s a single insurance policy you’re looking for or a fully-administered scheme with bespoke website and portal, branded to your company, and a 24-hour policy query line managed by IIS on your behalf, we can provide exactly what you need.

We also keep you in the know on any potential market changes that may affect your business, and how to act accordingly and we don’t shy away from arranging unusual risks in sectors of the market that are sometimes discriminated against.